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What do we offer?​​

LED technology​​



The light bulb has made us over 130 years good service.
But now, in an age of constantly rising energy costs, it has become imperative to take advantage of alternative light sources that cut costs by up to 90% with adequate brightness.
Therefore appropriate measures are initiated by the Government of already. Since September 2009 there are no 100W-bulbs by law, since September 2010 no 75W-bulbs more in the trade.
You need your own website?
But do not have the time or knowledge to create one.
Registration of domains and design of websites with domain-bound e-mail address at Spanish or international web host
Your PC is not working?. You have still WIN XP? Repair, installation of operating system from WIN XP to WIN 7 or WIN 8 to WIN10 .

Sales of PC's laptops, tablets with WIN 7 or WIN10 .
Conversion of Spanish Windows to English Windows (only for WIN 7 _ WIN 8 _ WIN10)

Graphics and design

Tax return

Creation and printing of business cards, menus, flyers, etc or any other advertising material
Need an app for your business? Create an app for Android or IOS devices in Google PlayStore or AppStore
Help with Spanish tax declaration directly online
(payout after about 5 Business days)

Print cartridges and toner

DSL , Landline and mobile

Toner and inkjet cartridges at wholesale prices for all major brands such.Brother, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Canon etc

Configuration or Registration of fixed-line and Internet ADSL or VDSL
(depending on availability)
Assistance in applying Residencia (N.I.E.) Registration in the register of municipalities Creating a Spanish bank account or other administrative procedures that are necessary for a new application

Skype : walterbluhm​​​
E mail: [email protected]
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